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Our purpose


Project Teenbirth, Inc. (PTB) is a community outreach program, specializing in teen pregnancy and young parent support.

Project Teenbirth, Inc. was 'birthed' by founder and teen parent advocate, Melinda Morales. It’s foundation was created on the belief that regardless of age, every one should be supported throughout all pregnancy experiences and outcomes, birth, and postpartum.


Project Teenbirth's purpose is to educate, support, and empower pregnant teens and young parents throughout all pregnancy outcomes.



By providing young parents with a supportive transition into parenthood; free of judgment and shame through full spectrum doula support and childbirth education, Project Teenbirth’s mission is to create a positive and safe platform surrounding the ever-growing conversation around teen pregnancy and young parenthood experiences.



meet the founder 

Hello! I'm Melinda. - the face behind the movement, Project Teenbirth.

As a former teen-parent, I can relate to the rollercoaster of emotions many other teen parents experience. I became pregnant with my first son at the age of sixteen and was a first-hand witness to the lack of respect given to pregnant teens because of it.

Regardless of age, people deserve respect, a safe space for their voices to be heard, and most importantly, they should believe they are capable of parenting their unborn child. I hope every teen parent-to-be will be able to find that space within Project Teenbirth. 

Melinda Morales is a full spectrum doula and certified perinatal educator specializing in teen pregnancy and young parenthood. She is a mother to three boys and a teen parent advocate supporting families in Central Florida since 2006. She is the founder of Project Teenbirth, Inc. - a non-profit community based program supporting and educating teen and young parents. She is an active board member of the Tampa Bay Birth Network. Her story has been featured in Rewire.NewsNot Another Teen Mommy.com#noteenshame.tumbler.com, and Young Parent Anthology.


#teenbirth support

Project Teenbirth (PTB) provides emotional and physical support along with resources for pregnant teens and young parents. Through full spectrum doula support, childbirth preparation classes, support circles, workshops, and more. Project Teenbirth educates and empowers pregnant teens as they transition into young parenthood.

If you would like to join our movement or find ways you can support and empower teen parents - subscribe to our newsletter and stay connected with PTB!


full spectrum doula support

Project Teenbirth provides prenatal and postpartum visits in the comfort of your home or partnering birth centers, and continuity of care during all pregnancy experiences and outcomes. 

Understanding the normal stages of postpartum - the fourth trimester, connect with other #teenbirth resources, and find ways to bond with your baby while overcoming the obstacles motherhood can bring.

As your PTB doula, we will provide:

  • 3 prenatal visits in the comfort of your home

  • Access to our lending library of educational resources

  • Continuous support during all pregnancy experiences and outcomes

  • Unlimited support via phone, text, and email

  • 2 postpartum visits in the comfort of your home

  • Initial breastfeeding support, if needed

Optional services include:

  • Abortion | Adoption Doula Support

  • On location support during prenatal appointments with your medical provider

childbirth preparation 

Project Teenbirth offers childbirth preparation classes covering all topics related to birth, baby, and beyond, that will help you prepare for parenthood.

All childbirth preparation classes are taught with your ideal birth experience in mind. Learn the organic process of labor & birth, how to nourish your baby with breastfeeding support, and ways to help promote self-care, all in the comfort of your home.

PTB Teen Parent Childbirth Preparation class topics include:

  • Phases & Stages of Labor

  • When to Call Your Medical Provider

  • Medical Interventions

  • Postpartum Care

  • Newborn Care

  • Breastfeeding 101

Optional services include: 

  • Group classes 


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